“I just wanna be ya favorite rapper”. That is the statement that defines Jersey’s newest rising artist Broadway Blake. In a time when artist portray bigger than life images, Blake makes it clear that he is by the people and for the people. Blake knows how it feels to be influenced through music so he looks to provide the same sense of hope to anyone he can connect with. “The same type of influence I use to get from my favorite artists is the same type of influence I wanna provide to another kid who feels like it’s no way out.” states Blake. “They didn’t only inspire me to be a great artist; they inspired me to be a leader.” Being born and raised in one of Newark’s roughest neighborhoods, Blake, like many of his peers needed all the inspiration he could find. Luckily hip hop was the escape that provided him that. Naturally, after a strong run on the local mixtape scene that included If Not Me Then Who? mixtape series an a few slew of other projects, Broadway Blake decided to follow up with his indie release Broadway Empire featuring the classic feeling single "Dope Flow" and "Shorty Story" a song influenced by Nas "Black Girl Lost" and Tupac's "Brenda's Got A Baby" . Now he prepares his follow up project Broadway Empire 2. “I use to think a label would hear about this rapper from Grafton Ave Projects and come get me out of here, but I’ve learned that you get out what you put out, so now I’m just working harder than ever. I wanna bring that feel back of why we fell in love with hip hop. Hard work and good music usually wins."

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