Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These type of streaks don't happen often, and when they do happen it takes along time to get broken. So I wanted to give my congrats to the UConn Women's Basketball team for breaking the UCLA Men's Basketball team record last night for most consecutive wins in NCAA Division 1 history of 88 wins by beating Florida St. by the score of 93-62. Now the number stands at 89 an at the rate these ladies are playing who knows when the streak will end. Just don't expect this record to be surpassed anytime soon. This isn't about gender...It's about greatness, excellence and the strive to do something no one has been able to do for 36 years 11 months and 2 days. Salute the Huskies, you deserve to celebrate your achievement. John Wooden would be proud.

Oh yeah.... I Love Maya Moore lol ...she had a career high of 41 points in the game

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