Wednesday, October 2, 2013

K.Michelle - V.S.O.P featuring Broadway Blake

I'm tryna make sure, that you remember every minute of tonight
Tell ya friends ya baby came through and did it right
You had the liquor chilling waiting for me on ice
I'm pretty sure we gone get it in all night
You got the slow jams playing on ya favorite song
Marvin Gaye on repeat baby lets get it on
Candlelight dinner, you cooked my favorite meal
You got my favorite dress on so I know it's real
My lil good girl, but you so bad
Got me thinking like maybe I should go back
You know we got a lot of memories
Of good sex and good conversation over Hennessy
It always used to be special but tonight it's better
You always say it gets wetter in this type of weather
An it's raining kind of hard so lets get it on
We gotta remember this so I'm a cut the cameras on

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