Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Broadway Empire 1 Year Anniversary

"Like a diamond in the sky you know I shine bright/ unsigned hype but could've been signed twice/ dropped a album that should've got 5 mics/ would've been the perfect way to step in the limelight" - Diamonds remix

1 Year ago today...I gave birth to my first debut solo album Broadway Empire...even though the recording process took about 2 know everybody says you have your whole life to create your first album. And that was true...I hooked up with JSL and my longtime friend/producer/engineer/ artist/ etc. lol Internal Quest to bring this album to life....s/o to everyone who was apart of this project...s/o to everyone who has this project...s/o to everyone who has told someone about this's been a year and the goal is still to maximize the potential of it....if you don't have it, below is the Thank You's that was on the inside of the album artwork ...oh an if you don't have it....what are you waiting on's available for free and for purchase..the choice is yours.

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"First off I would like to thank God, for never giving up and keeping me alive/ Cause lord knows that I could of been died, but I'm still here and got my eyes on the prize/ Gotta thank Momma, the lady who created me/ I gotta thank my Grandmomma for raising me/ Her and Grandpa Blake they both saved me,old school soul exactly what they gave me/ An I wish they was here to witness they lil grandson just handle his business/My Guardian Angels be holding me down, wish Pop was still here to see me holding the crown/ Gotta thank My Team for believing in the dream, we still having fun but it aint easy as it seems/ B-Overseas,Famous and Leno, I remember when I let Mack hear the demo/ Started wit a dream turned to reality, did it for the love we aint worry bout the salary/ Anytime back then I could of blew it but we don't breed quitters Uncle Blake let's do it/ Gotta thank Lav, gotta thank Liteskin, day 1 fam way closer than tight friends/ We all know it's way deeper than rap, Loyalty over everything leave it at that/ Gotta thank my Sisters gotta thank my Brother, gotta thank my Ex and tell her I still love her/ Gotta thank my Family they never lost hope, I was chasing my dream but we was all broke/ last but surely not least, gotta thank the most important of my peeps/ Gotta thank the Fans no you it's no me, can't really explain the love that you show me/ I gotta go before they hit the music, just know for the love is the reason I do this/ Dream BIG is the motto don't forget it/ And before I go I gotta say Grafton Ave we did it" - Grammy Speech lyrics - track 16

Mommy I love you, I miss you... When I started this project you were here in the physical you're gone but your spirit is here.. you never got to see me perform but I know you're watching every show now..I hope you're enjoying it.

Poppy aka Sha-Danger without you there's no Broadway Blake..I was just a kid with a basketball looking for a gym to play in..Me and Leno already thought you were dope but you convinced us to try it as a hobby. But you kept telling us to take it saw something in me before everybody including myself.. I'm forever in debt to you whether this works out or not because you gave me made me a hobby became a passion

Thank you to the fans...from the 1st one to the most current one and to the next one...if there is a next one..I just appreciate you giving me the opportunity to tell my story to you

To the Uh'O Boyz- Leno,Mack,B-Overseas,Famous, Diggz,...."It's a Uh'O Thing" forever....and to the rest of my Day 1 crew...Ty Who Ty Lu,Black, Mike B... I wouldn't change those times for anything

JSL Fam.. Thanks to Tim and Quest for providing the platform for me to tell this story.. took us a while to get here but Chapter 1 is complete... Future you know what it is from the music, to the visuals to going to the roof of University Hospital for a photo shoot an ending up with the cover to this album..Without you this project wouldn't be the same...M.I.L, thanks for keeping me on my toes..bars on top of bars.. D you know the love is unconditional and you've been there by my side from day 1.. We have a lot of work left but it's gonna be fun..Special,Hush,Shakes,Teg,Wellz,Justin,Tash,Prospect.. That JSL shhh we on it....Aye Swag let the beat rock...R.I.P

Thank you to See Francis, Piff, Sudan, Erbaknight an AVS of BME for providing the soundtracks along with Quest and Future...Yall made my job easier...the music yall provided wrote out the lyrics for me

Features: Ki-Ki sometimes you have a vision of working with someone and when it happens it doesn't turn out how you visioned it. Luckily I was blessed to get the right track for you to bless me with that soul...Thank you for being so dope... Reese we've came a long way from the courts now to the booth and we still have a long way to go an a lot of work to do.. but It's always a pleasure to work with you... Sunny I'm just happy to see you develop your sound an I know you're still developing it but It's everything I thought it could be when I 1st heard you rhyme about 7 years ago, so I'm just glad we got to knock out the 1st of many joints to come

To my manager K.. Loyalty over Everything...enough said

To my family and friends ...It's way too many to name and not forget someone so if you been here for the journey and you haven't gave up on me, you know how much you mean to me..but Monique I did kinda promise that I would shout you out so thanks for the support over the years....promise kept lol...oh yeah I gotta mention Gutta and Naughty..2 of the people who inspired me to rhyme...I still get excited to hear yall rap..and shout out to Vincci..we been on this grind together...patience is everything

Thanks to Qay for being so dope...and thanks for staying in contact to see how I was dealing with my Moms passing. Your conversation was always at the perfect time.

Thank you to Dominique(Oaktown) and Christy(Arizona)... When "Myspace" was the thing of the moment you both were rocking out with me... that seems like centuries ago but you've stayed here for the journey...for a kid from Grafton Ave Projects to have loyal supporters from across the country is really close to the dopest thing ever

I'm out though.... I have to turn this in before the deadline...anything that I forgot is blamed on the deadline

"They say don't forget me if you make response is don't forget ME if I don't make it" - Unknown

Broadway Blake - I Just Wanna Be Ya Favorite Rapper

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